International Food Services (IFS) is proud to announce the arrival of Esther Reijngoud-Pattenier as the new Co-CEO of the company, working alongside CEO Michel Pradolini. Esther is a trained accountant who built a strong reputation with different organisations, until arriving into the maritime industry in 2011 where she progressively cemented herself in positions of leadership. Esther comes with a strong track record in the maritime business, particularly in crewing - in her last role as Group Crewing Manager she was responsible for over 2,000 crew members and guided processes for several management companies, as well as years of experience as the representative of a big international shipping company in the Philippines and the Netherlands.  Over the last three years, she has been based in the Philippines as the company representative of a big international shipping company.   “I am excited to become part of a dedicated family where I can bring my experience and competencies to the family table,” says the new IFS Co-CEO.  “It is the dedication, interest, and personal approach that makes IFS unique. That will be my focus for the coming period to ensure that we maintain our position in the market and create new opportunities to serve our clients’ needs.”  Esther was born and raised in 'Zeeuws-vlaanderen', which belongs officially to The Netherlands, but with strong connections to Belgium. Not surprisingly, her mother is Belgian and her father is Dutch. In the Netherlands, she is used to being called, in a friendly manner, a 'spare Belgian'. Esther currently lives in Meerle, Belgium, with her partner Paul, and their pets. IFS is delighted to welcome our new co-CEO to the team.