food monitoring software

IFS’ food order and monitoring system is aligned with our clients’ budget. It registers consumption accurately to the gram and calculates nutritional values.

our software monitors

  • Quantity
  • Nutritional values
  • Costs
  • Hygiene

Two Chief Cooks looking at a laptop screen

The IFS Food Monitoring System can reduce your food waste up to 30%.

Job Beeckmans, Business Development Manager


less spillage

Food spoilage often occurs due to poor cooking skills and bad stock management. Our food monitoring system registers consumption accurately, in order to match orders and avoid spillage. IFS’ main motive is to reduce costs without compromising on food quality and safety.


We manage the entire food flow and monitor nutritional values, quantity and safety very accurately. This way we have control over stock and orders and can ensure greater efficiency.

balanced food

IFS Increases the wellbeing of your crew by providing healthier and tastier food. Our food monitoring system calculates nutritional values and makes sure all IFS recipes are healthy.

high transparency

Numbers tell the tale. Our food monitoring system allows precise reporting on stocks, consumption and nutritional values with a transparent budget control. We also report on health and safety.

reduced costs

Optimizing the food flow and establishing a zero waste policy results in reduced costs without compromising on food quality. This results in increased purchasing power.

less administration

We believe that a cook should mainly cook and not be bothered with administration. Our data system allows us to cut back on administration, as well on board as in your offices.