Safety is an essential part of our training courses. Our catering audit indicates potential food safety hazards. We ensure that all work activities are carried out safely and that correct food handling methods are implemented to prevent any injuries, accidents and health risks.


Our training courses focus on most of the guidelines concerning hygiene and sanitation. This way we want to make sure the catering teams can work in a healthy environment. We also increase the wellbeing of our employees, clients and contractors by regularly reporting on consumption patterns and nutritional intake.


IFS contributes to a cleaner climate by establishing a zero waste policy. Thanks to our trainings and food monitoring system we improve cooking skills and keep track of stock. This reduces food waste to a minimum. We also make thoughtful food choices.

We have observed a real positive improvement with the quality of catering standards onboard in terms of cleanliness, hygiene, food quality, provision budgeting and food inventory.

Capt. Edwin Teo, Barge Master