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Are you a cook working for an IFS catering managed vessel? Then you can become a member of the cook’s club. Subscribe here and after IFS approval you will receive your membership card. You will get access to all support, be able to join the IFS Facebook Cook's Club and qualify for the IFS Star Awards.


our star award system

As we want to reward hard work, all members of the Cook’s Club can apply for a star. Good appraisals and years of experience of working on IFS managed vessels will give you the apportunity to earn more stars. Your application will be evaluated by the IFS committee. The committee will select all approved candidates based on the given requirements and guidelines. All approved candidates will be rewarded their star and award (prize!) at the end of the year.

Clip with one star

one star

Clip with two stars

two stars

IFS clip with 3 stars

three stars

Want to apply for a star?

You can only apply for a star, when you are a member of the Cooks Club.

Once you are a member, you will get further instructions from the IFS crew.