Two catering models

Full catering model

  • We run the catering and hotel services with our own crew
  • Trained crew
  • The crew is on our payroll
  • We take care of the monitoring and reporting
  • We take care of the food supply
  • We audit the vessel

Combi catering model

  • We run the catering and hotel services with the clients’ crew
  • Training of the clients’ cooks
  • The crew is on the clients’ payroll
  • We take care of the monitoring and reporting
  • We take care of the food supply
  • We audit the vessel

We also provide tailor made concepts. We would be happy to advise you on a Combi Plus model. If you would like to know more, please contact

three pillars

Our catering concept is based on three pillars that are intertwined and with a high focus on safety, hygiene and environment.

data & waste management

Our unique food monitoring system registers consumption and calculates nutritional values. This way we reduce waste and inefficiencies, which results in reduced costs.

train & support cook

IFS provides the necessary training and tools to turn the galley staff into a dedicated team that cooks with loads of passion and know-how.

Offshore ship

catering audit

Our IFS audit tool monitors whether (food) safety and hygiene legislation and regulatory requirements have been met on board of the vessel.

our benefits

human approach

We are a transparent and no-nonsense business that has the best interest at heart with others. This explains our hands-on and client-oriented approach. In everything we do, we put people first. We take wellbeing on board to a higher level. Where possible we offer opportunities to people who find themselves in precarious situations.

high transparency and data driven

IFS provides data of consumption through a food monitoring system. We report very precisely on stock and consumption with a transparent budget control. Budget reports show our clients the supplier invoices and we are very honest on how we earn our money. There are no hidden costs.

healthy and good food

IFS Increases the wellbeing of your crew by providing healthy and tasty food. An IFS specialist vets and monitors our suppliers to ensure consistent high standards, compliance with food safety regulations and competitive prices. In our Maritime Food Lab we develop and create new dishes and experiment with new techniques and trends.

independent caterer

IFS is independent from ship suppliers and ship owners. As a privately-owned company, we can afford to go the extra mile for our customers. We use the best suppliers in each port for each ship’s specific provisioning needs. This way we always get the best quality for the best price.


and tools

We offer specialized training programs for galley staff at our IFS Training Centre in the Philippines. Our trainings meet the highest intercultural cooking standards (MLC qualified) and prepare cooks for cooking in difficult situations.

reduce waste

and costs

Thanks to our unique food monitoring system we can register consumption up to the gram and predict orders based on our data. This allows us to reduce waste and to manage the stock in a profitable way.

I have spent the last four weeks working onboard.


 In that time the food we have received has been the best I have experienced in 15 years working offshore. The care of the stewards and particularly the camp boss in providing high quality, food has been very impressive. The organisation of meals and continual efforts to improve menus, taking onboard feedback from the crew and providing varied dishes, is something that is a level above anything I’ve seen or expected working offshore.


 Working offshore in difficult conditions, the food is one aspect of life that is very much appreciated, and the level of service provided in this case it has helped make the trip a very pleasurable experience for me.


 This is the first time I have been inclined to provide feedback for a catering service offshore, but in this case, it was something I felt was well deserved.


 Thank you for the service.

Project Engineer on board an IFS-catered vessel

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