An experienced and skilled chef is well-respected and will contribute towards a better atmosphere on board.

We offer specialized cook training programs at our IFS Training center in the Philippines and in our Maritime Food Lab in Antwerp. Our own training centers are highly recommended by our clients and business professionals. Our main training center is located in the Philippines inside the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific. Within this closed community located in Bataan there is no distraction from outside, our galley staff can fully focus on their training course.

MLC accredited

Our training centers are accredited and MLC qualified. We make sure that all galley staff trained by us have the correct skills and mindset to give his/her best to the job. The mentality of the crew is what we screen for during our courses and train on. Without the correct mindset there is no key to success. Our instructors are strict but fair and will make sure that who graduate from our course will deliver our concept to you.

"People have to believe in themselves and need to be open to learn and develop our training methods and ways of working. Otherwise they will not be able to put it into practice on board."

Michel Pradolini, CEO

Training courses

With our own training courses, we turn the cook and galley staff into a devoted, experienced and qualified cooking team. Customized or on-board training is available on request. We also give custom built steward, camp boss and Captain training or coaching sessions. A more personalised proposal can be shared upon request.

5 day cooking training

This course is a practical, intense high qualitative training course. Over the duration of five days, cooks will be trained on a complete basic way of working and cooking with the IFS tools and mindset. They will be trained on all galley-related topics: preparation of soups, cold & warm starters, main dishes and all types of baking (bread and pastry).

  • 5 days
  • 7am-7pm
  • 8 people per course
  • MLC accredited
  • Bataan (Philippines) or Antwerp (Belgium)

The instructors combine practical knowledge with the Cooking app and theoretical training parts and movies with focus on hygiene, sanitation and safety rules including on galley, stock and waste management. Our training guarantees a cook who:


Our training guarantees a cook who:

  • creates healthy and tasty dishes
  • boosts the wellbeing of the crew
  • reduces waste and inefficiencies
  • operates within budgetary limits

refresher training

During this training course IFS cooks will refresh their knowledge on our system and will gain new knowledge on galley related topics, such as (food) safety and hygiene and the newest trends in cooking and IFS tools.

The course is tailored to the cooks’ personal evaluations in the previous years.

  • 5 days
  • 7am-7pm
  • 8 people per course
  • IFS certified
  • Bataan Philippines
  • Antwerp, Belgium

3 months cooking training

IFS provides a special 3 months in-house training course for young Hotel and Restaurant Management graduates in collaboration with our clients. 

The course can best be best described as a practical, very intensive, all-in boot camp. Over the course of twelve weeks, all participants will learn the essentials of cleaning, hse, food safety and cooking skills to prepare them for their future on board the vessels of our clients.

This course is given by experienced ship cooks and guided by the whole team within the Philippines. Together with the MAAP instructors they are trained on discipline and structure to prepare them to be ready to go on board. The graduates are tested on emotional and physical endurance. Once they have finished this course many have started as stewards and are currently sailing for our clients in all types of catering positions on board worldwide.

  • 3 months
  • 7am-7pm
  • 15 people per course
  • IFS certified
  • Bataan, Philippines

Multiple selection rounds are part of the process to be able to become a part of this opportunity. For more information:

Customized trainings

We also give custom built steward or campboss trainings or coaching sessions. A more personalised proposal can be shared upon request.

For more information you can contact us on

cook puts bread in the oven

An educated and passionate ship cook knows his job, loves what he does and will earn the respect of the crew and his team members.

Michel Pradolini, CEO

assistance and tools

How we support the cooks

Our cooks can rely on a broad range of IFS tools that make life in the kitchen easier. In addition to these tools they can count on IFS support and support from other cooks in the Cook’s Club.


  • IFS app with recipes, support,…
  • Digital cook books with movies
  • Menu and order planning tools
  • Yearly audits
  • HACCP forms
  • Guidelines on best practices in food and crew safety