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human approach

high transparencyand data driven

healthy andgood food

independent food catererwith global suppliers network

free trainingin IFS trainingcenter

reduced wasteand costs

An integrated Concept

Our catering concept is based on three pillars that are strongly linked to each other, all with a high focus on quality, (food) safety and health.

data & waste management

Our unique food monitoring system registers consumption and calculates nutritional values. This way we reduce waste and inefficiencies, which increases the purchase power of your food budget.

train & support cook

IFS provides free training and tools that allow the cook to focus on one thing: cook the best meals with loads of passion and know-how.

catering audit

Health and (food) safety form an integral part of our concept. Our IFS audit tool monitors whether safety and hygiene legislation and regulatory requirements are met on board the vessel.

cooks club

Mark Mendoza, IFS Trainer

“All IFS galley staff are part of the IFS community; they belong to our family. We mentor the cooks intensively. We are available for them at any time, no matter what question. We help them, share information and provide them with the necessary tools.”


Chef in the picture

Chef in the picture: Jimmy Patiña

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A day in the life of Chef Mark

Curious what a regular day of Mark looks like?

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