“I love to make Mediterranean dishes because they are healthy and delicious.”  Meet chef Warel, Senior Chief Cook Instructor at the IFS Training Center in the Philippines

What dish do you love to make?

Warel: "I love to make Mediterranean dishes for the obvious reasons that the Mediterranean dish is healthy and delicious."

How long do you work for IFS?

Warel: "I've been working for IFS for almost 2 years. Before IFS, I was a Chef for different types of vessels from a private yacht, passenger sailboat, container vessel, seismic vessel to tanker vessels for 26 years."

What is the biggest number of people you've already cooked for?

Warel: "Onboard of a ship, the biggest number I cooked for was 120 people. When I worked at a hotel we served 500 guests at a valentines day dinner!"

What is the nicest compliment you ever got about the food you prepare?

Warel: "When I worked in a hotel the waitress came into the kitchen and she asked the kitchen crew who cooked the pancake. For about 10 seconds I got nervous to answer her because of the tone of her voice. It also was my first day working there. When I finally said that I was the one who cooked it, she gave me a ten-dollar bill. It was from the guest who ate the pancake and according to him it was the best pancake he ever had."

Who would you like to cook food for?

Warel: "My mother! Because I don't remember ever cooking something special for her. She used to have a small restaurant when I was 12 years old. It was always me and her to go to the wet and dry market as early as 3 am to buy goods for the restaurant. For me, she is famous!"